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Your Monthly Business Plan

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

What should you do to grow your business?

Do you sit down to work your business and feel lost or confused? What should you spend time doing? Which resources should you use? What exactly is working for people right now in today's market?

Well, you're in luck, because we talk to brand partners every single day, we see the numbers and results, we hear the feedback, and we want to make this as simple as possible for you!

Each month we'll have a business plan that will walk you through your month giving you day by day ideas for your minutes or hours to clock in and devote to your business. This plan will pair perfectly with your Weekly Accountability Meetings and Trackers, with all of the momentum growing as people host in-person events, and most importantly, with growing a sustainable, thriving business.

The Life Steps way is founded on these fundamentals:

  • Share products

  • Create conversations with new contacts

  • Educate customers

  • Support brand partners

Let's walk through the steps:

Share products

  • Use product spotlights to find information about a product you're loving and using so that you can send that information to others.

  • Use graphics, photos, carousels and Instagram stories to create curiosity and pair those with your face, your voice, your story, as you help others solve their problems.

  • Use Wellness Boxes when someone shares a specific need to provide a simple bundle idea curated just for their health needs.

Create conversations with new contacts

  • Use our sharing every day resources with stickers to consistently create conversations. Some months we're cleaning, some we're moving our bodies, others we're diffusing. We help you to consistently share so others see you and remember that you're there adding value and showing up in your space! These will lead right into our challenges.

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