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*This plan is only available to Young Living members who are designated as Customers. Members who are designated as Brand Partners will need to have a paid account.


Stay up-to-date with YL and your network



Access to our growing library of free articles and tools



Bite-sized collections of lessons to go deeper into topics that are important to you


Wellness Assessment

Help your members discover which body system they need to be supporting and which products to use



[All features from Free]

Social media resources

Professionally created images to spice up your social media game


Import your contacts from YL and add prospects


Contact checklists & tasks

Specialized collections of tasks created for you for each contact to help you keep everyone on track



Receive tasks based on your activity to help you stay on track with your YL journey

Automatically created landing pages

Quickly share resources with any contact in your Life Steps app with a few taps. Articles you share appear as landing pages on your website.


Notification for clicked links

Receive notifications when someone clicks a link you sent them

Deep linking & Wishlists

Send prospects to YL product pages & Wishlists linked directly to your enroller ID

In/Out of stock notifications

Receive push notifications and newsfeed items that tell you when products go in and out of stock


Pro resources

Professionally created articles with even more in-depth knowledge about the topics important to you


Personal website

Your own super-simple website. Shares your story, showcases events, and includes a Buy Now button that automatically links to your YL signup page.



[All features from Pro]

Early access to monthly content

Access professionally designed photos and graphics, product spotlights, diffuser blends, recipes, and more before the month begins

Monthly strategy call

See how others are successfully using Life Steps, strategize with top leaders, and get your questions answered

Challenge collateral

Everything you need to run Life Steps challenges with your team

Editable Canva template graphics

Easily customize graphics so they fit your style

Plans & Pricing

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