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Get a quick overview of Elite

Watch an introduction to Elite by Courtney Critz, cofounder of the Life Steps app and Royal Crown Diamond.

We’ve already used Elite’s features ourselves! We love how these new features helped us reach prospects better, shepherd our team from top to bottom, prepare for each month, and get more done. Elite helped us create better boundaries so we could finish our work faster and more peacefully and then spend time with our family. We know it can do the same for you.

Life Steps Elite: Follow the leader

You have a larger team following you now. How are you leading them? Elite gives you the extra tools, access, and support you need to successfully lead numerous prospects, customers, and brand partners efficiently with freedom and peace.

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Deep linking

Prepare for landing.

Your landing pages got a huge upgrade. Send prospects to Young Living product pages linked directly to your enroller ID so they’ll be attached to your downline when they sign up. How? Elite plans use the magic of deep linking to make the Buy Now buttons on all your Life Steps landing pages point to precisely linked Young Living product pages instead of just the generic homepage. So now you can lead prospects to become new customers quickly by landing them directly on the best buying experience possible.

Access your entire downline

One big happy family.

Support your whole team with ease. Your entire downline is automatically synced with Young Living, not just your first-level or the people you personally enrolled. See and work with anyone needing your special touch. Search through everyone, toggle tasks on/off, and take care of anyone anywhere. Kiss having orphaned and unsupported team members goodbye.

Early access to monthly content

The early bird gets the resources.

Be ready to roll on day one with early access to monthly content. Unlock the full potential of our professionally designed resources by accessing photos and graphics, product spotlights, diffuser blends, recipes, and more before the month begins. Schedule them into your groups, project broadcasts, emails, and however else you use the content. Diamond ranks also receive early access to Young Living’s Gifts with Purchases and Young Living’s Sales and Promotions. You’ve got to admit: This is a lot better than worms.

Complete multiple tasks at once

One button to rule them all.

Big teams are great. Big task lists not so much. Check off a task for your entire team instead of needing to do it individually for each contact. Sent the Newsletter to everyone? Just tap one glorious button and you’re done. Now that’s power.

Notification for clicked links

Your new superpower: perfect timing.

Ever wanted to be a superhero? While we can’t give you superhuman strength, we can give you superhuman timing. As an Elite member you’ll receive notifications when someone clicks a link you sent them. Know when they’re thinking about the information and ready to have a conversation. Now you can quickly follow up with people at just the right time. Know where time needs to go and be a hero.

Monthly Zoom call

Fast. Forward.

Want the fastest way to use Life Steps to run and scale a successful Young Living business? Move forward quickly as an Elite member with access to a unique, dedicated monthly Zoom call designed to do just that. Strategize with top leaders, learn better ways you can use the app, and get your questions answered. We’ll walk you through how others are successfully using Life Steps and show firsthand how it’s working so beautifully for duplication. This is a meeting you’ll actually want to attend.

Value for money

More is less.

Elite combines multiple products into one to give you more for less. Instead of spending hundreds a month for separate unrelated services like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), extra timely content, click notifications, and coaching, save time and money with one unified service. Looks like you really can get more for less!

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