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Updated: May 18, 2023

Welcome to the place where you can begin to see a plan emerge. One that takes you from overwhelmed to inspired, equipped, and moving forward on your journey. We're here to help you see the tools, use the tools, and benefit from all the Life Steps App has to offer!

Join us right here as we break down for you the thousands of dollars worth of tools you have access to for your business. But not only will we tell you how to use them, we'll tell you WHY to use them! The ways they're going to grow and impact your business and why it's important to create habits around these tools.

First, let's break down for you exactly what you have access to each month:

Young Living Customers can access at no cost:

- Product education resources

- Product courses

- Newsfeed with monthly themes, announcements, and more

- Wellness Assessment

- Access to Life Steps Challenges each month

Yes, this means we are paying for your customers to have this tool available to them 365 days a year!

Young Living Brand Partners can access for $8.99 monthly:

All free features, plus:

All resources (free and pro)

- Graphics for YL announcements and sales

- Content for challenges

- Reels

- Photos

- Classes

- Recipes

- DIYs

- Labels

- Mailers


- Easy onboarding with prospect, customer, and brand partner checklists

- Notes to keep track of personalized details

- Syncs information with YL VO

- Auto import of new signups/reactivations


- Always know what to do next

- Whether a small or large team, we have ready to send messaging to keep your people informed

- Pre-written messages

- Project Broadcast templates

- Mailchimp templates

- And more…

All Courses (free and pro)

- The perfect place to send your customers and brand partners to learn about products and business

- Free courses about products

- Pro courses about business

Landing Pages

- Shareable resources linked to wishlist bundles and deep links already connected to your member number

- Tracking where you can see how many and who have clicked links you have shared


- List events and customize information about you - more updates coming soon


- Stock changes

- New customer and brand partner signups

- Upcoming and missed STS orders

Brand Partners can also choose to upgrade to membership in our Life Steps Elite Strategy Team for $89.99 monthly

- Monthly strategy call

- Early access to upcoming resources (Diamond accessible early information will only be visible to Diamonds+ while Elite members of other ranks will see all other information.)

- Challenge collateral for running Life Steps challenges with your team

- Editable Canva template graphics available for some resources

As you can see, there is a wealth here at the most affordable price you'll find anywhere! Are you ready to understand more about all of these powerful tools? You're going to do amazing things with your business, and we're ready to walk with you every step of the way!

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