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Thousands of essential
tools & resources for your Young Living lifestyle...
all in one place

You need more than essential oils to build your business

The road to a successful Young Living business is paved with more than just the story of how Frankincense changed your life.

You need to know about the oils, share oils with others, help others share, and eventually lead a team. The Life Steps app is a tool designed to support you in every phase of your Young Living business: customer, brand partner, and leader.

Resources & Social Media Graphics

Meet your new design team


We have a massive library of growing resources: product spotlights, photos and graphics, videos, printables, recipes and DIY, diffuser blends, and more.


Resources have a copy link or share with contact option that allows you to pass on the information from any platform, sending your prospects and customers to a beautiful landing page with a Buy Now button that points right back to your link.

Morning Rituals

Getting to know you

What do I say? Who do I call? Easy! Life Steps Pro links directly to your Young Living account and guides you through proven action steps for all your contacts.


It imports both your first-level downline and the people you sponsor from Young Living and then automatically keeps them in sync with Life Steps.


As new members get added to your Young Living account (congratulations!) they are automatically added to your contacts in the Life Steps app.


Contact Checklists

You have a new prospect! Now what? Contact checklists are the heart of how Life Steps helps you know what to do for all your prospects, customers, and brand partners.


These are expertly designed groups of tasks that assist you in knowing how to care for your team members at specific points in their Young Living journey.


The automatic color coding helps you know where to put your immediate attention. Just follow the tasks to move things forward.

Color Stain

Take your next step.

Download the app to get all the videos, promos, info, tutorials, and more to make sure you know how to  benefit from your Young Living products.

For even more features, upgrade to Pro to get access to our proven turn-key systems with all of the resources, tasks, contact management, and direction you need so you always know your next steps!

Get Started for Free!

"I got the Life Steps app because of the challenge. It has helped me immensely. I love sharing resources from it because they look professional and beautiful and link people to my personal YL account. Essentially, there is a continuity that I was lacking that I now have!"


Image by Corinne Kutz

To-do or not to-do

Let’s face it: To build the business you want you actually have TO DO something.


The Tasks feature intelligently gathers to-dos from your Customer Checklists, daily task challenges, resource tasks, and custom tasks so you have everything in one place.


Never wonder what to do next. To-do it is!


Professional Website with shareable landing pages

Just press send

Get an instant website to help you convert prospects into members.


An easy button, simple website for sharing your products and opportunity, events, and just enough information to cause others to click buy... rather than getting lost in a sea of information.

ALL of the resources for your Young Living Lifestyle

"I’m learning the new systems that actually ARE making the work count where it matters most. Because of this I’m seeing growth, not only in OGV but in myself and the confidence of my team. I finally feel equipped to lead them and like I deserve to call this side hustle “my business.” I’ve stepped into ownership and it feels SO good!!!"


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